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Revol LIMS
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Revol LIMS plays an important role in a laboratory to increase the operational efficiency of the laboratory by automating and streamlining the workflows, eliminating the need for maintaining information manually and meeting regulatory guidelines. Revol LIMS facilitates both easy record keeping and reporting, thus eliminating the risks of human errors and improving the overall turnaround time.

Revol LIMS is 100% web based laboratory information management system (LIMS) which is a flagship product tailored to manage an organization´s complete laboratory information to optimize the productivity and operating cost with increasing quality across the region with data integrity and compliance to ISO 17025:2017, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, CAP regulatory requirements.

Revol LIMS takes you beyond the traditional LIMS by consolidating additional functionalities typically found in multiple laboratory systems into one product platform across the global enterprise in a simplified way.

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Revol LIMS Includes the following modules to make sure to provide complete laboratory solution:

Configurable LIMS Process Workflow

Sample Analysis Scheduler

Analysis Configuration

Analyst Assignment (Worklist Creation)

Sample Management (Sample Storage, Sample Distribution, Sample Return, Sample Disposal)

Instrument Integrator

Inventory Management

Reagent Management

Asset Management

Stability Study

Document Management

CAPA (Complaint Management)

Audit Management

Competency Management (Training)

Task Management

User Management


Custom Reports Module

MIS Dashboard Analytics

Complete Audit Trail (Checksum, E-Signature)


What is a LIMS?

LIMS (Laboratory information management system) is a software designed to improve lab productivity and efficiency, by keeping track of data associated with samples, experiments, instruments and workflows. A proper LIMS acts as an additional member of your laboratory, automating workflows and tracking all the important sample information, data, workflows, and QA/QC results your lab generates each day. The audit and revision control functions in a LIMS are key reasons why people use a LIMS and 'go paperless'.

What you can expect from LIMS?

»Reduced Costs and Improved Efficiency

»Improved transparency to lab work status

»Flexibility to accommodate new requirements

»Improved quality and compliance

»Process standardisation

»Reducing human error often resulting from manual data entry

»Providing full tracking and traceability of information

»Increasing security of information through controlled access

»Consumption based inventory management

»Decision support through statistics and advanced searches

Revol Lims

Our CapabilitiesA superior LIMS solution

Revol Capabilities


Revol Capabilities


Revol Capabilities

A Stable Partner

Revol Capabilities


Revol Capabilities


Complimentary ServicesThe Right Choice For Your Lab

Complimentary Service Secure

Secure Data Access

Complimentary Service Integration

Instrument Integration

Complimentary Service Data Migration

Legacy Data Migration

Complimentary Service Backup

Automatic Backup

Complimentary Service Upgrade

Product Upgrades

Complimentary Service Support

Technical Support

Industries We ServeAll-In-One Lab Platform

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Scientists in a well-equipped testing lab examining samples under microscopes.
Testing & Calibration
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Life Sciences
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Research & Development

Happy CustomersA showcase of our successful collaborations with leading organizations across various sectors

Key Clients

Revol LIMS - Why..?Sit Back, Relax & Let it happen

Ensures compliance
Optimize operations
Controls cost
Full Integration

90% Out-Of-Box Solution

Configuration vs Customization

90% Configuration


Quick & Easy Deployment

Affordable cost effective
Affordable Cost

Cost Effective Solution

TestimonialsThe Success Stories of Our Customers

Testimonials Neoscience

Moni Chelvan

Director, Neoscience Labs Pvt. Ltd.

"We are using Revol LIMS since 2017 and found this solution to be an excellent single solution for the complete laboratory. We are a full-service Pharma & food testing laboratory and rely heavily on our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Revol LIMS is an excellent tool and has become the backbone of our lab processes, which allows to keep information highly compliance and accessible to lab members, auditors and clients. We are very much happy and satisfied with the level of support provided on the raised issues and 'customizations' requested against the new compliance requirements which Revol LIMS continuously put their efforts and deliver on time. We wish every QA / QC laboratories to use the highly potential lab management tool Revol LIMS because of its features and functionalities."

Testimonials AGU


Business Development Director, AGU

"It was a great opportunity to have had to acquire the rights to use, customize and use Revol LIMS for our molecular medicine laboratory. It has been more than 5 years so far filled with cooperation and support and satisfactory results on the operational as well as the CAP accreditation levels. We look forward to continuous progress and developments at our laboratory supported by Revol LIMS. For any inquiries in relation to this issue, we will be glad to provide further feedback as we are committed to be a demo center for this very useful application."

Testimonials ETLCO


Lab Manager, ETLCO

"We have been using Revol LIMS for almost three years and found this solution to be an excellent compromise between cost and functionalities. We are a full-service environmental laboratory and rely heavily on our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Revol LIMS is an outstanding tool and has become the backbone of our lab processes, which allows to keep information highly organized and accessible to lab members and makes live very easy to all parties involved. We've been very satisfied with the support and the 'customizations' which Revol LIMS has even developed for us. We are very much convinced of the future potential for Revol LIMS because of its capacity for implementing customer requests."

Testimonials FARABI


TQ Manager, FARABI

"As a new user of LIMS Revol and at first glance, I think it is very attractive program that meets all the requirements of the client and is designed to manage the entire laboratory information of the organization. And due to many features that may facilitate our laboratory management and easy configuration & operation we have selected Revol LIMS for our total quality section. The key success of Revol LIMS is the significant technical support around the clock provided from Revol after the sale and providing all facilities that enable the client to trust the high efficiency of the program and high professionality of those who manage it."




"As I a first user and customer for Revol LIMS in Middle East, I am considering myself as a partner in all growth steps of Revol LIMS. Revol team started the first middle east implementation in GCIR and they accepted all our advices and suggestions and converted as features in Revol LIMS which evantually made Revol LIMS to be very attractive and effective LIMS to manage most of the requirements of any laboratory. Revol LIMS delivered with many different modules such as Inventory, AMS, Workflow, Sample Storage, QMS, HR, ... which helps the laboratory to meet the ISO17025 quality management requirements of the lab. Prompt and continuous technical support from Revol team and the professional and high expert vision of the Revol management are the key reasons for this software to be one of the leading laboratory solution in the region."

Testimonials QAFAC


Laboratory Manager, QAFAC

"In QAFAC, we are using AMS module of Revol for inventory and maintenance management. In the past we used these in another system and was not happy due to its cumbersome user interface and functionalities. Therefore explored quite a few well known systems and selected Revol. The implementation and migration was easy; now extremely happy on Revol user friendly interface and ease of modifications and customizations. Thanks Revol developers; keep it up."


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