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A Powerful Solution for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

The chemical and petrochemical industry makes many different products that we use every day, such as plastics, paints, fertilizers, fuels, cosmetics, and more. These products are very important for our life and progress, but they also have some challenges for the industry. The industry needs to make sure that the products and processes are of good quality, safe, efficient, and follow the rules and laws.

To help with these challenges, the industry needs a software system that can help them manage their laboratory work. A software system like this is called a laboratory information management system (LIMS).

Revol LIMS is a web based laboratory information management system (LIMS) that can help the chemical and petrochemical industry with their laboratory work. Revol LIMS is made to fit any laboratory type, size, or complexity.

Features and benefits of Revol LIMS for the chemical and petrochemical industry

Sample Tracking

Revol LIMS can help track and manage samples from when they are registered to when they are disposed. Revol LIMS can also help give unique identifiers to samples, such as barcodes or RFID tags, to make sure they are easy to find and identify. Revol LIMS can also help manage sample storage locations, amounts, conditions, movements, etc.

Data Analysis

Revol LIMS can help do data analysis on samples using different methods and techniques, such as titration, chromatography, spectroscopy, etc. Revol LIMS can also help calculate results using formulas or equations, as well as check results using quality control rules or limits to make sure they are valid. Revol LIMS can also help compare results with requirements or standards to see if they are compliant or not.


Revol LIMS can help make reports on samples using different formats and templates, such as PDF, Excel, Word, etc. Revol LIMS can also help customize reports according to user preferences or requirements. Revol LIMS can also help send or email reports to different people or places.


Revol LIMS can help connect with other software systems and applications using different protocols or interfaces, such as REST API, SOAP API, ODBC, OPC UA, etc. Revol LIMS can also help connect with different instruments or devices using different drivers or adapters, such as RS232, USB, TCP/IP, Bluetooth, etc.


Revol LIMS can help follow the rules and laws of different countries or organizations by providing data integrity, security, traceability, accountability features. Revol LIMS can also help tell the laboratory staff what to do and how to do it by using the Laboratory Execution System (LES) to guide them through procedures. Revol LIMS can also help keep a record of all actions and changes made in the system.

Revol lims solution for Chemical and PetroChemical industry

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