REVOL LIMS on Cloud: Democratizing Digital Laboratory

An image represents the modern and efficient approach to managing laboratory information through cloud-based LIMS.


Lab Managers across various industries in the domain of sciences constantly face the expectation of optimizing operational expenditure while effectively managing or improving productivity. Most industries have adopted digital methods to manage the data reporting but also workflow management in their laboratories.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is one of the widely accepted solutions to manage Lab Operations and Data Acquisition ensuring Integrity and Compliance. According to a recent LIMS Market Analysis Report by Grand View Research Published on Jan 2022, cloud-based Laboratory Information Management System product segment dominated the market in 2021 and accounted for a share of more than 42.5% of the global revenue including R&D departments, manufacturing companies, public utilities, environmental, chemical, contract, and QC labs. As laboratories continue to collect more data, there’s a growing need for systems that flexible to scale, easily customizable and mobile in terms of remote operations.

Revol LIMS: A Web-Based LIMS Solution for Modern Laboratories

As a Lab manager it gets extremely confusing to navigate the information deluge before they actually make choice about any solution providers on the market. The requirement’s though more or less concrete an eye on the future to accommodate flexibility also adds up to the complexity in decision making. The process of assessment and implementation in itself takes up a lot of time for the evaluators, because to be able to identify the right solution provider they need to scrutinize the capabilities of the each solution and then prioritize the sequence of mostpreferred partner. This being a major reasons for painfully prolonged decision making periods for digitalization projects to hit the ground running.

Large organizations with a regular IT team in place prefer On-premise Lab Information Management System Servers not just to ensure the integrity of their data but also to efficiently recover their IT Infrastructure related spends. However the same is not true for many small to medium scale laboratories/industries. But one factor remains same for organizations of any size is getting a solution which is quick to setup, easy to adopt and safe to use.

Revol Process Solutions introduces Revol LIMS on Cloud, a web based Digital Laboratory Management System application hosted on our servers and is 90 percent preconfigured to meet requirements of most laboratory requirements in terms of metrology. The system offers flexibility to customize operational workflows, data acquisition rules, Role based information visibility across laboratory allowing effective management of labs. Revol Laboratory Management Software on Cloud is not just fast to Set-up, Easy to Adapt and Safe to Use, but also comes at a reasonably low acquisition cost. For smaller laboratories this means they can have an IT Policy to manage their laboratories at quite an early stage and for bigger labs it’s a system which is quick to evaluate but once sure they can move the system into their On-premise servers via custom services helps modern laboratories improve operational efficiency while reducing costs and staying ambitious.

An Introduction to Laboratory Information Management System

A Lab Information Management System (LIMS) is a software-based solution that effectively manage the current complex aspects of a laboratory processes. As the name suggests, a LIMS is used for managing lab samples, their associated data and therefore it normalize the laboratory processes by sustaining workflows, tests, and reporting practises. With the expanding demand of laboratories, the conventional LIMS too has matured, with the able to do more than a decent tracking of samples.

The ultimate aspect of a LIMS is to boost the productivity of the laboratory by automating and streamlining the functions by meeting regulatory guidelines. A better LIMS Solution simplifies both easy recordkeeping and reporting, hence ignores endanger of human flaws and improving the total turnaround time.

A laptop showing the REVOL LIMS software and a button to request a demo