Going Digital is The New Growth and Success Mantra For Laboratories

An image featuring interconnected digital lines in vibrant green color, with text overlay “Going Digital is the New Growth and Success Mantra for Laboratories ”.


The laboratory information / data management workflow protocols in most industries have been constantly transforming over the past two decades. Industries saw an increasing need to ensure accuracy in terms of processes/procedure adherence and data integrity has become important not just because of the respective regulatory stringencies but also because they have realized it enabled them manage laboratory associated risks better while facilitating consistency in terms of operational efficiencies and cost effectiveness.

According to a Global Data survey[1] conducted between January – March 2021, 35% of pharmaceutical industry professionals believe that they speed up their digital transformation. In another survey conducted by EY[2] conducted in June 2020, 90% of oil and gas executives agreed that their companies need to invest in digital technology, though varied investment levels.

Be it a small or big laboratory, going digital has been a game changer in terms of their operating efficiencies. With acceptance to this change documentation method has become a greater challenge to the lab managers or IT managers in terms of selecting the right solution provider, who can efficiently translate their lab operations on to a perfectly capable digital platform while easily replacing the current paper based methods. These transformation journeys have been taking longer time as different solution providers bring specific sets of expertise to the table and with so much of information floating on the internet, concluding on a solution which serves them end to end is painstakingly long but a necessary process.

Thinking about digitally enabling your laboratory - Where to Begin?

However, be clear about that the technology will not do everything for you. Because, we're not yet in the age of the Terminators! For those of you who are coming across the word digital transformation for the first time, what exactly does it mean?

A digitally transformed laboratory refers to those whose operations and data management processes have been digitized to have greater control on quality of information and processes which is delivered via streamlined workflows.

It's not a sprint, when it comes to your laboratory’s digital transformation journey. You don’t have to change everything in a single go. Then, where can you start? Probably, with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which is neither convoluted nor an expensive system that take a decade to go live!


Digital transformation is not only meant for large scale laboratories with huge budgets (or) infrastructure. Every laboratory can gain from the right technology supporting their needs and goals.

Revol LIMS is a 100% web based Next Gen Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) developed by industry experts who have vast experience interacting with various industries and instruments which is tailored to manage an organization's complete laboratory workflow to optimize productivity and operating cost with improved process adherence and enhanced data integrity ensuring laboratories progress closer to gaining compliances like ISO 17025:2017, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GLP regulatory requirements.

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